What’s in a haircut, Javier?

Much of the buzz surrounding awards season seems to be about the new Coens film No Country For Old Men, which seems to have taken an age to hit these shores (it finally opens here on Friday). But for all of the critical acclaim, one factor seems to be getting more coverage than most: the strange creation atop Javier Bardem’s head. Bardem, always a striking presence on the big screen, seems to have cultivated a monstrosity something akin to what a grumpy teenager might grow in rebellion against the world (and his parents). This hirsute issue now seems to be raised in almost every interview the 38-year old actor gives about the film, leading me to wonder if the Oscars might in future consider presenting an award for best performance by a barnet. It certainly seems to deserve some sort of seperate accreditation.

What if this award were backdated and posthumously awarded for services to the hairdressing industry? Naturally Carrie Fishers ‘danish pastry’ look would be a shoe-in (or should that be hat-in??) for best/worst female ‘do’ in 1977’s Star Wars, and a few other Lucas creations may have hegemony in other years.

More recently, the offensive object adorning Tom Hanks’ crown in The Da Vinci Code (below) would prove a toughie to beat. So how about it, Academy? Lets finally give these coiffures the recognition they surely deserve. And the award for worst haircut goes to….

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