Decisions decisions…

It’s easy to tell that awards season is upon us, as a host of great films have crept their way into cinemas nationwide over the last few weeks. But this has the unfortunate effect of creating a certain degree of cinema fatigue amongst film-lovers this time of year. No better example of this than yesterday, dubbed ‘Super Friday’ by The Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw, who awarded 5-star reviews for three new releases – Juno, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly and There Will Be Blood.

Though all very different films, there is some major crossover in the potential audience for these three films (i.e. me). So will they all suffer from having to compete against each other? I hope not, as they all look remarkable pieces of work, unfortunately by dint of some poor organization being released on the same day here in the UK. Their US release dates were:

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly: 30th November 2007
Juno: 25th December 2007
There Will Be Blood: 11 January 2008

i.e. nicely spaced out, so as to avoid any overlap for the arthouse audience. They do this with the summer blockbusters, too, so they do not clash with each others box-office returns. So come February next year, can someone please sort it out so that we poor cinema-going folks don’t have to go to the pictures three times in one weekend just to keep up with the good stuff?

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