The Andrei Tarkovsky Drinking Game

Want to get into Tarkovsky, but keep falling asleep during his very long films? Then may I suggest some sort of drinking game to get you through the long screen duration. Some suggested rules:

Drink of choice: Tarko was not a big drinker, but vodka would appear to be most suitable.

Take one drink for each of the following:

  • Any take lasting longer than 3 minutes.
  • Any extended shot of the back of a character’s head.
  • A female character having some kind of mental breakdown
  • A shot illustrating ‘the beauty of nature’ etc.. etc..
  • Arty reflection in a mirror
  • Character reappearing in frame after long pan away from them
  • Existential discussion of man’s position in the universe

And the following deserve more:

  • A shift from monochrome to high-saturation colour or vice versa – TWO DRINKS
  • Indoor rain – TWO DRINKS
  • Some form of levitation – FINISH THE BOTTLE

Happy viewing!

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